Bayanihan para sa Kalusugan-Kusina ng Kalinga

Piloting in 2016, The Bayanihan para sa Kalusugan-Kusina ng Kalinga is the Provincial Government of Davao de Oro’s School-based Feeding Program that seeks to end child hunger and malnutrition in Davao de Oro. By providing free and healthy lunches for 120 school days to wasted (malnourished) public schoolchildren, Kusina ng Kalinga rehabilitates more than 90% of its thousands of beneficiaries each year. Kusina ng Kalinga stands as the only PLGU-led, province-wide school-based feeding program in the country that serves schoolchildren even in classified Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas.

By also incorporating an adaptation of the Ateneo Blueplate Central Kitchen System, Kusina ng Kalinga features its very own central kitchens that enable quick and efficient deliveries, thus lifting teachers from the laborious tasks of food preparation, cooking, and liquidation as done in other school-based feeding programs. Central kitchens also ensure that the meals in each Kusina ng Kalinga lunchbox is in good condition, following the program’s own menu which adds malunggay and iron-fortified rice in every meal to make sure that the children will get the energy and nutrition that they require for schooling. The success of Davao de Oro’s Kusina ng Kalinga has been recognized by various institutions in the country such as the Civil Service Commission and the Benita and Catalino Yap Foundation. In addition, it has also inspired the creation of the Provincial Women’s Development Council of Davao de Oro’s Liwanag ng Pamilya, which is a program that teaches women how to become small scale farmers to make a living and to keep their families healthy.