Comval Gov Uy backs Monkayo-LGU on Diwalwal issue

Davao De Oro province–  “It’s their right.” Gov. Jayvee Tyron Uy respects the decision of the Municipal Government of Monkayo led by Mayor Ramil Gentugaya to oppose the entry of large-scale mining in Diwalwal Mineral Reservation Area. The reaction of the governor came after Monkayo-LGU released a manifesto against the impending large-scale mining operations by the Philippine Mining Development Corporation. The young governor said that it is within the purview of the local government to promote or oppose a project that enters their locality. “The Local Government Code tasks local government units to promote and protect the general welfare of their people. If MLGU-Monkayo thinks that the entry of the PMDC-sponsored mining operation contradicts that mandate, it is within their right. The law allows them to do that”, Gov. Uy said. He further stated that Mayor Gentugaya’s view is widely shared by many officials in Monkayo town as majority of the barangay captains and members of the Sangguniang Bayan willingly affixed their signature to the manifesto. Pressed about his stand on impending entry of PMDC in Diwalwal, Gov. Uy stressed that the main goal as of this moment is the rehabilitation of the Diwalwal area. “Our priority is really to rehabilitate the Diwalwal area. Our eyes are on the relocation of the ball mills of small-scale miners from Mt. Diwata to Mabatas Area. We cannot do that unless the Mabatas area is equipped with basic utilities like water and electricity. I think that’s the biggest concern,” he said. While he understands that it is within the duty of PMDC to issue cease and desist order, Gov. Uy said that he also need to discharge his responsibilities as a local chief executive. “As governor, it is my job to make sure that this rehabilitation process goes smooth. It is my obligation to ensure that this everything is ready. To insist without considering the impacts of our actions might lead to social crisis and I will not allow that to happen,” he quipped. (ID Comval)

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