DAVAO DE ORO, PHILIPPINES – In response to the abrupt economic halt and health risks that were part of the severe effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Jayvee Tyron Uy, on June 22, 2020, officially declared the province of Davao de Oro to be under a period of “Recovery and Resilience”, until the last day of this eventful year, December 31, 2020.

As the country remains to be in a state of public health emergency, the battle against the novel corona virus has not yet come to an end. Taking into account the challenges that the province continues to face, the call for the aforementioned period is a must.

Balancing Public Health & Economy

The recovery and resilience period ultimately urges LGUs to re-allocate all funds to be utilized for the promotion, development, and recovery of public health, social services, and the province’s economy. This is all to ensure that the people, their health, and their right to receive proper healthcare services remains a first, and top priority during the ongoing pandemic.

Furthermore, the period of resiliency calls for all public celebrations such as parties, founding anniversaries, lavish fiestas, thanksgiving celebrations, and public festivities, from barangay level up to provincial, to be cancelled. As already mentioned, the funds for these supposed celebrations will be re-allocated to development plans concerning the province’s healthcare system.

The people, within the duration of this period, are also expected to retain the practice of social distancing and proper individual hygiene. In accordance with this, activities that invite the presence of a large number of people will also be prohibited, such as sports activities, disco parties, sabong (cockfighting), and other similar activities. Private parties will also be limited to be “modest,” with a maximum of twenty-five (25) guests, all while observing still strict social distancing protocols. Families who intend to hold big celebrations are strongly advised to cancel or postpone their events until 2021, or until a working vaccine for COVID-19 is found.

A Call to Exercise the Bayanihan Spirit

Lastly, encouraging a bayanihan spirit in the province’s private sectors, the governor appeals for them also to channel spare resources, time, budgets, and energies to the advancement of public activities such as food distribution, feeding programs, aid and assistance to frontline workers, and financial assistance to their workers, employees, and others.

The provincial government also promises to strengthen and retain programs that aid families, citizens, and displaced workers, such as Adopt a Family, Adopt a Child, Adopt a Home, and Adopt a Community during this period.

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