Let’s Go for Gold!

Davao de Oro Province—Gold medals will not just be gold plated, this time it will be infused with pure gold. For the first time in the history of DAVRAA (Davao Region Athletic Association), Davao de Oro Province which is notable for having its tremendous gold reserves will offer these grandeur, invigorating athletes from around Davao region, striving harder and achieving victory like powerhouses.

When the province collated a total of P3.5 million pesos from its DAVRAA stakeholders last January 28, 2020 as support for the upcoming week-long event on April 1-7, 2020, Davao de Oro prepared these special treats for all the delegates. Each gold medal will be infused with a gram of gold. With its very unique design, a gram of gold will be ingrained within the area of the DAVRAAMEET 2020 logo in the medal itself. Silver and Bronze medals will also be infused with a gram of their corresponding elements.

Gold can hardly be attained in mines, the process of retrieving one of earth’s precious metal is equated to the effort needed to romp it in the DAVRAAMEET 2020. Every gold medal will be awarded to deserving athletes whose spirits are fixed on the goal of attaining the event’s most important highlight. Davao de Oro will be producing a total of 1,200 pieces of gold medals as well as silver medals and 800 pieces of bronze.

The logo, which is embellished in every medal represents an eagle bringing home the gold medal, an image of collective victory. The eagle and gold are the fitting representations of the DAVRAAMEET2020. Eagle, because it is the icon of the whole Davao Region and gold for Davao de Oro, this year’s DAVRAA host. The symbol of the solidarity ring, Davao de Oro’s finest symbol for prestige and strength through “bayanihan” is also evident which is placed at the very center. The logo also has eleven (11) strands which represent the eleven school’s divisions of the Davao Region.

This upcoming event would be one of the biggest for the province to hold. This is the time for Davao de Oro, a province of great endowments to prove its capabilities reflected on the theme “Our Golden Moment”. (JasteenAbella, ID DAVAO DE ORO)

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