(Speech delivered by Gov. Jayvee Tyron L. Uy on his oathtaking for second term last June 30, 2019 at the Provincial Capitol, Nabunturan, Compostela Valley, Philippines)

Vice Governor Maria Carmen Zamora and members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, our two representatives in Congress- Congressman Manuel Waykurat Zamora and Congressman Ruwel Peter Gonzaga, father of unity and now, Senior Board Member Arturo Chiongkee Uy, municipal mayors, vice mayors, councilors, barangay officials, heads of National Government Agencies, our men and women from the AFP and PNP, our friends from the business community, members of non-government and civil society organizations, my family and friends, my batchmates from PNPA Class ’99 and PMA Class ’91, fellow workers in government ug sa minahal kong taga Compostela Valley, maayong adlaw!

Kining mga niaging adlaw, nagahuna-huna ako kung nganong sa kadaghang pwede mahimong gobernador, ako ang napili. Nasayod kamo nga wala nako gipangandoy nga mudagan sa kung unsa mang posisyon sa gobyerno. Kuntento na ako sa pagtrabaho ug pagtabang sa among negosyo. I was young and like any other person in my age, I wish to enjoy my youth.

I grew up to be a man of privilege. I was fortunate to be born to successful parents who can provide. My mother and father gave me the best education, sent me to good schools and provided me with the things I need in life- good health, imperfect but stable family, and a secured home. Needless to say, we lived a good and normal life.

Growing up, I was shy and reserved. Dili ko anad nga makigabi-abi sa mga tao. I’m not used to mingling with many people. But as fate would have it, I was chosen by my uncle, former Tagum City Mayor and now Davao del Norte Vice Governor Rey T. Uy and by my father, then Governor Arturo Uy to lead the School Chairs Program, a program that makes chairs out of confiscated logs. That exposure brought me to different schools in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley. There, I was able to see the realities of our public school system.

Didto ko nakaingon sa akong kaugalingon nga aduna diay mga bata nga wala nakasinati sa kung unsa man ang naa ko kaniadtong bata pa ko. I heard children who go to their schools with nothing to eat and I witnessed the poor conditions of our classrooms. That particular experience did not only opened my eyes to the truths my comfort hid from me but it also liberated me somehow. I realized that there is a larger world out there. Beyond the comforts I enjoy are those families struggling to make both ends meet.

That experience inspired me to enter public service and as everyone knew, I ran and won as board member in 2013 and governor in 2016.

Ang akong pangandoy kung unsa man ang naabtan nako kaniadtong bata pa ko, mao usab ang makuha sa matag batang Comvalenyo. Ang akong panlantaw nga mahatagan sila’g maayo ug komportable nga kinabuhi.

Our aspirations of a good life for all is embodied in our working platform- the Bayanihan 4Ps Plus. We also will create five clusters- the Planet or Environment Cluster, People or the Social Protection Cluster, the Prosperity or Economic Growth Cluster, Peace or the Peace and Security Cluster and Plus or the Good Governance Cluster. We will take a paradigm shift, from capitol-focused programs to whole of nation approach. Alone, we can go fast but together, we can get far.

In the next three years, we should work for the promotion of green and responsible mining. We will work to make Diwalwal Mineral Reservation Area to be a model of a clean and green mining community.

We shall continue to address the problem of flooding. We will create a comprehensive solution together.  We will also work with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan in passing an ordinance that will regulate the use of plastics in the entire province as we go on to promote a better solid waste management policy.

We should work together in the full implementation of the Universal Healthcare Program. Through UHC and other programs like the Pagkalinga sa Bayan and Malasakit Center in our provincial hospitals, we hope to achieve a 100-percent optimization of the zero balance billing policy for the poor and indigents.

We will also address hunger and malnutrition through the End Hunger Framework, integrating the First 1000 Days of Life, implementing supplemental feeding for day-care children, the Kusina ng Kalinga and other nutrition initiatives. We hope to see healthy and performing children in school.

For the Prosperity Cluster, we will continue to look for additional sources of income by expanding and strengthening our economic enterprises. Increased revenues means more services will be delivered to the people.

To sustain our economic growth, we will continue to be business, tourism and investment-friendly province. In doing so, we will ensure that our farmers, fisherfolks and our micro-, small-, and medium- entrepreneurs be part of this growth.

We will work together to improve and maintain our peace and order situation in the province. We shall rebuild conflict-affected communities through Oplan Pagbabago in line with the President’s Executive Order No. 70 or the Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflicts.

The establishment of the halfway village for former rebels will be also significant development that would contribute to peace.

For the Plus Cluster, we will continue to exercise and promote good governance to achieve effective and efficient delivery of services. We shall give emphasis to the development and capacity building of our workforce to cope up to the demands of our times. We urge and challenge our local government counterparts to do it as well.

Let us keep our bayanihan spirit alive in all aspects of governance. Through unity and convergence, we will achieve better and sustainable results. Even if we leave the name Compostela Valley to become the Province of Davao de Oro, let us not forget that unity is still our province’s most valued treasure. Let us set aside our differences for a common purpose. Let us stay and stand united in all fronts. This is something my father taught me. We can never go wrong when we are together.

Ang akong pangandoy wala na’y bata pa sa Compostela Valley ang magpabiling dili kaadto sa eskwelahan tungod sa kagutom, wala na’y komunidad nga kinahanglan mubakwit tungod sa engkwentro, wala na’y pamilya magpabiling kabus tungod kay wala natagaan ug saktong oportunidad. The strength of a people is always measured by the welfare of the weak.

I wish that one day the children that we’ve helped most especially from Lumad communities will grow up to be responsible individuals. Who knows, the next governor of this province might just come from them. That is indeed my definition of success in public service- to see the people whom we’ve helped rise up and take the challenge to build better futures for others too.

On a more personal note, allow me to thank you for all your help in the last three years. No words can perfectly describe how grateful I am. Please forgive me if I have come short to your expectations, if I ever missed something or made a wrong move. Just like you and everyone else, I am just human with my own share of faults, mistakes and misjudgments.

Heaven knows how much of myself I am willing to lose or have already lost for this duty, with all the pain I have to endure and the sacrifices I have to make to become the governor you elected me to be. As God is my witness, I honestly did the best I could, no more can you ask to any man.

The next three years will be indeed difficult, considering the amount of task we have to fulfill. Always remember that the things that are difficult are the things that matter the most. Let’s do our best and God will take of the rest.

Brighter and better days are ahead of us. The future is for us to conquer, it is for us to claim. The future is here and it is definitely ours.

This is Jayvee Tyron L. Uy, governor of Compostela Valley, soon to be the Province of Davao de Oro, at your service!

Daghang salamat!

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