Oplan Bagong Buhay

Operating similar to Oplan Liwanag, Oplan Bagong Buhay is a six-month community-based/out-patient rehabilitation, reformation, and reintegration program for for law-apprehended drug abusers who were able to avail plea bargaining agreements which the program coins as Illegal Drug Offenders for Reform (IDOR). Since the implementation of Oplan Bagong Buhay in 2019, 122 IDORs have been given proper interventions and the chance to return as free and productive members of their respective communities.

Oplan Bagong Buhay focuses on the reformation, rehabilitation, and community reintegration of IDORs which is done through structured activities and various relevant sessions geared towards improving their lifestyles and spirituality. That said, beneficiaries of this program will undergo family enrichment education which establishes the family as a strong support system, psychosocial interventions, health awareness sessions, spiritual guidance, and one-on-one counseling.

IDORs’ full commitment to the program is required, serving also as their reminder to abstain from any form of drugs and alcohol, maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and not to commit any crime which increases their awareness of the probation law and its limitations.