DAVAO DE ORO — The Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU) of Davao de Oro enters into the year-end holiday season with the turning over of various projects, as Barangay Singapore in Mabini received solar lights along with Barangay Anitapan, which further received a teacher’s cottage for Anitapan Elementary School. In addition, another potable water system project was turned over to the Municipal Local Government Unit (MLGU) of Maco in Barangay Kinuban on the 28th of November, 2020.

Davao de Oro Provincial Governor Jayvee Tyron Uy led the turn-over ceremonies in barangays Anitapan and Singapore alongside Mayor Reynaldo Dayanghirang on the 2nd and 3rd of December respectively. With knowledge that most of the teachers in Anitapan Elementary School live miles away in downtown Mabini, the newly constructed teacher’s cottage is overtly fitting, devised to help cut down the teachers’ long and rough travels, expenses, and spent time and energy— considering that the aforementioned school is located up in the highlands of Mabini.

In addition, Solar lights were also turned over to Anitapan and Barangay Singapore in the said municipality, funded in courtesy of PLGU-Davao de Oro, MLGU Mabini, BLGU Singapore and Anitapan, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and other generous stakeholders. This is in efforts to aid the province’s Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas GIDA), as most households specifically in barangay Singapore are still not connected to any electrical line and do not have access to safe light sources during evenings.

“If we are to develop our far-flung areas, we need to begin by providing them their basic utilities in power, water, education, health, and livelihood.” Governor Tyron Uy said.

Another potable water system project was also turned over to MLGU Maco in barangay Kinuban on the last week of November this year, with its turnover ceremony led also by Governor Tyron Uy. This fully functioning 8.8 million peso project will be able to provide safe and clean water to approximately 900 citizens in barangay Kinuban. Kinuban Barangay Captain Elizalde Malcampo was present to receive the project from the PLGU, in representation of the people of the barangay.

The Kinuban potable water system is the 35th water system project that was successfully turned over under Governor Tyron Uy’s leadership. These water system projects have costed a total of 156 million pesos, with special guidance and attention from Chief Engineer Rhoderick Digamon of the Provincial Engineer’s Office of Davao de Oro.

Municipalities and barangays who benefited from the Potable Water System Projects are barangays Kapatagan and Poblacion in Laak costing ₱15M; Panansalan, Compostela costing ₱2.3M; Banglasan, Montevista costing ₱2M; Napnapan, Pantukan costing ₱7.8M; San Vicente, Montevista costing ₱2M; Libay-libay, Maco costing ₱3M; Kingking, Pantukan costing ₱6M; Andili-Nuevo Iloco Section, Mawab costing ₱15M; Libudon and Cabuyoan, Mabini costing ₱5.45M; Malamodao, New Visayas, Pangi, and barangay Sangab in Maco costing ₱9.54M; Mapawa and Coronobe, Maragusan costing ₱37.16M; Manggayon, Tamia, Osmeña, and Ngan under the Municipality of Compostela costing ₱20M; Manurigao and Tandawan in New Bataan costing ₱4.5M; Panoraon, Maco costing ₱3M; Bantacan, New Bataan costing ₱4.5M; Sitio Lawaan and Kingking in Pantukan costing ₱3M; Babag, Monkayo costing ₱1.62M; Del Pilar, Mabini costing ₱3M; and the most recent project, barangay Kinuban in Maco, costing ₱8.8M.

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