(Speech delivered by Gov. Jayvee Tyron L. Uy as Guest of Honor and Speaker of the turn-over of Four (4) Speed Tactical Watercrafts to the Philippine National Police XI Maritime Group at Sta. Ana Pier, Monteverde Ave., Davao City)

Maayong hapon!

I am very honored to be with all of you today. I am grateful that you have chosen me to be with you on this special occasion. I always get thrilled every time the security sector invites to speak before them. I feel that part of my peacebuilding efforts are vindicated. For that, I am very thankful.

There are a lot of things to be grateful today. The Philippine National Police received four high-speed tactical watercrafts as part of your capability enhancement program. These watercrafts, I am sure, will be used, in patrolling our seas. I congratulate the Philippine National Police Regional Maritime Unit for this development. I am hopeful that these equipments will be used to ensure that even in our waters, we can have peace and stability.

Securing every inch of our territory from undesirable forces has been the cornerstone of my administration as governor of Compostela Valley and the Regional Peace and Order Council. My experience in the last three years helped me realize the extent of security challenges we are currently facing.

It is no secret that our province, Compostela Valley, to some degree is still influenced by the New People’s Army. For the longest time, our communities suffer and many businesses are afraid in coming to us because of our precarious peace and order situation.

When I assumed as governor in 2016, I was determined to end that image. So, we developed programs that will address the continuing insurgency in our province. Together with the help of the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines, municipal local government officials, national government agencies and non-government organizations, we created the Oplan Pagbabago. This programs aims to rebuild conflict-affected communities. Together with these communities, we identify their different needs, from public schools, water systems, livelihood projects and others.

For my second term, I vowed that I will implement all these programs and projects to fifty-two of the most vulnerable communities, most of them located in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas. We also crafted our own Provincial Business and Investment Security Plan to help our businesses cope up with the threats brought by these insurgents.

Because of these steps, we managed to be declared the Conflict-Manageable and Development Area, we were declared the second most competitive province in Davao Region, a complete turn-around from the last rank we received a year prior. Our tourist arrivals achieved a 200-percent increase. These strides are largely attributed to the improving peace and order situation in our province. People are now more open in visiting our sites and entrepreneurs are confident in investing their hard-earned money here.

Our achievements in Compostela Valley are only a piece of the puzzle. Our lands are not the only one threatened by hardened criminals but also our seas. Our country is an archipelago and our region located in the Davao Gulf is a strategic entry points of goods and services.

It is, however, used by some people with ill intentions to transport illegal drugs, firearms and others. If we are serious about our aspiration for peace, this cannot be tolerated. The turn-over today of these tactical watercrafts will help in building the capacity of our PNP to respond to these security challenges. As a governor of a province with three coastal towns namely Maco, Mabini and Pantukan, I see it as a very great help in maintaining peace and order in our seas and nearby communities.

Rest assured that the Philippine National Police will always find an ally and friend in me, someone who supports their actions, so as long it is about protecting our lands and securing our seas, all in the name of ensuring just and enduring peace in Davao Region.

Daghang Salamat ug maayong hapon pag-usab!

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