(Speech delivered by Gov. Jayvee Tyron L. Uy on the Opening Ceremony of the Eastern Mindanao Regional Jamboree at Compostela, Compostela Valley on August 14, 2019)

I would like to welcome each one of you to our province, Compostela Valley soon to be Davao de Oro. In behalf of the people of our province, we express our gratitude for being chosen as the host of this year’s regional jamboree gathering the most active scouts from all over Eastern Mindanao. Sa inyong tanan, madyaw nga pag-abot sa among probinsya!

What it means to be a scout in this day?  Are young men in uniforms marching under the heat of the sun still relevant in this fast-changing world? The attendance of each one of you today here in Compostela Valley proves that the scouting movement is now more relevant than ever.

It is relevant because majority of the world’s population are young people. There is a need to develop the potentials of the youth and ensure that they give a fair chance of becoming the hope that they are ought to be. This is where the scouting movement plays a big role.

Dako ang obligasyon sa BSP nga himuong responsable ang atong kabatan-onan. I perfectly understand this because I am a governor that belongs to the generation of the young. What made me the leader I am today are the platforms that allowed me to fulfill my potentials- youth conferences, seminars and the likes. The Boy Scouts of the Philippines, for many young people especially those present in this jamboree, can be that platform.

More than scouts, we mold our young people here to be leaders- leaders of their respective households, circles and communities. Sooner or later, these young people may be the future holders of different positions in government. As early as now, there is a need to instill them the values necessary for them to become the leaders of the future- the values of public service, of self-responsibility and cooperation.

When I see our young people, all I see is the future. If our youth exhibit the very values that the Boy Scouts of the Philippines uphold, then I can say with all confidence that the future of Eastern Mindanao and by extension, the entire Philippines is indeed very bright. We begin the process of instilling these values to them today.

As what I always say, if we are to solve our country’s problems, we begin by investing in our youth.

Finally, I wish you all a fine stay here in our province. If you have free time, you can visit the different treasures we stored to each one of you. We have the best falls, cold and hot springs, challenging terrains, nice beaches and of course, the biggest golden ring in the Philippines.

Welcome to Compostela Valley!

Mabuhay kitang tanan!

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