(Speech delivered by Compostela Valley Gov. Jayvee Tyron L. Uy as Guest of Honor and Speaker on the Reservist Night at Pantukan, Compostela Valley on July 27, 2019)

Good day!

I am very humbled to speak before all of you today. I always see it as a personal honor every time our men and women in the Armed Forces of the Philippines invite me to speak before them. I am very thankful and grateful in every chance you give me to speak about what we are doing in Compostela Valley, soon to be Davao de Oro, to address the challenges that come from day to day.

I will not deviate from my usual script. I am here to talk about the most pressing issue our province face- the insurgency problem. In his latest State of the Nation Address, President Duterte made mention of the insurgency problem in Mindanao. The President made it very clear that giving resolution to this problem is urgent. Peace in Mindanao is a necessary condition in order for our island to realize its potential and sustain its growth.

Compostela Valley, being the hotbed of communist insurgency for the longest time, is doing our share to contribute to the President’s vision. Since 2018, we have this program called Oplan Pagbabago. This program is a community support initiative that brings peace and development initiatives to our province’s conflict-affected and vulnerable communities. We stay in the community, we plan with the barangay officials,; we identify their needs and organize them. Basically, we respond to their short and long-term needs. Rather rely on a purely military solution; we now employ a more holistic approach, understanding that the insurgency problem is mainly social, political and economic issue.

To continue our efforts, I am set to sign an Executive Order creating the Provincial Task Force-End Local Communist Armed Conflicts or TF-ELCAC. The task force is a localized version of the NTF-ELCAC created by the President to address the communist insurgency. At the core of our taskforce is the spirit of bayanihan, the principle of convergence and the ideal of cooperation. We gather all offices of the Provincial Government, national government agencies, non-government organizations, civil society groups, people’s organizations, the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to help address the needs of the communities we are currently helping. It is employing the whole of nation approach to end communist insurgency here in the Philippines.

Apart from that, we are also doing a lot of social programs and projects to respond to the needs of our constituents such as the Kusina ng Kalinga to address malnutrition in schools, the Bayanihan Build to build homes for the homeless and schools for the province most far-flung areas, the Oplan Liwanag and Bagong Buhay for our drug dependents. All of these are premised on the idea that we the community will come together, we can solve all of the problems that bother us.

I am certain that we are trying to achieve is truly difficult. It consumes a lot of energy, takes a lot of resources and needs strong guts to realize the vision of a good life for everyone. But as I’ve said, so as long as there is a community that will help us, this vision is doable.

As part of the reservist force, I am hoping that you can join us in this pursuit. The people of Compostela Valley will appreciate all your help and assistance. As part of the reservist office, we have a duty of become part of this complicated task of nation-building, not only as additional human force in times of wars and conflicts, but in addressing the problems that affect our fellow Filipinos.

I am looking forward to all your help. May the peace and prosperity we seek be upon us sooner.

Thank you very much!

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