The Social Studies Section of Vibal Group, Inc., is currently processing its K to 12 series for Grade 3 – Davao Region. The book, called ISANG BANSA, ISANG LAHI (IBIL) will be distributed to private schools.

In connection with this, we are in need of photographs (in hard copy, digital format, or photos searched from the internet) which we can borrow or copy.

In my recent research, I came across upon a photo of the Solidarity Ring and the Tower of Hope in the website— Thus, I am seeking your permission to have this photo in IBIL Grade 3 – Davao Region. Likewise, please be reminded that the photo will be reproduced in hard copy and that the book will be published for commercial purposes.

As our standard procedure, we will cite your website together with your name as the provider of the said photo on the acknowledgment page.

If you have any questions about this request, please feel free to contact me through my email address

Should you grant this request, the company will abide by whatever other terms that you, as owner of the said object, will stipulate for the use of photograph.

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