Compostela Valley Province—The representatives from the World Bank Mission (WBM) visit and inspect the on-going road concreting project, a Farm to Market Road (FMR) in Cabinuangan (Poblacion) to Barangays Cogonon and Magangit route in New Bataan , Compostela Valley Province on June 10, 2019.

The said project serves as an access road to all agricultural areas within the 2.5km radius to the major market centers located in Poblacion, New Bataan and it is also the shortest route leading to the provincial government center of Comval in Nabunturan via Maragusan provincial road.

The project has adopted the standards set by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) under FMR category which has 5 meter-road carriageway and 1.5 meter minimum graveled road shoulder. The proposed road has a designated pavement thickness of 230mm based on the analysis conducted by the office of the provincial engineer.

The length of vertical curve is set at a minimum of 60 meters with minimum radius of curvature of 30 meters to ensure safety of commuters. Based on detailed engineering survey, the project registered a maximum slope gradient of 12.0%.

Included in the project are the retrofitting works for three major existing bridges within the road limits. These bridges are Cogonon, Batuto and Batinao that cost a total budget of Php 47, 913, 998.44. While the total length of the FMR rehabilitation is 10.59 kilometers with a total cost of Php 143, 205, 238.17. 

The overall total of the project cost a total of Php 191, 119, 236.61.

The recent status of the project is at 58.089% completion as of May 2019. According to Provincial Planning and Development Officer Romeo Celeste this is the fastest implementation of the project by the contractor with the Alonzo Construction.

He added that, the implementation duration started from December 21, 2018 and the target completion date is on March 20, 2020.

 “80% of the funds used by the implementation of the project are coming from the WBM while the 10% is from the Department of Agriculture (DA) and 10% from the Provincial Government under Governor Jayvee Tyron L. Uy,” said Celeste.

The agricultural commodities of these areas are Rice, Corn, Banana, Rubber, Cacao, and Coffee with a total of 21, 001 resident as beneficiaries who can benefit.

The project aims to reduce at least 10% per annum of the poverty incidence of the barangay and to reduce transportation costs/hauling cost and travel time on farm products and farm inputs. (Rey Antibo, ID Comval)

The representatives from the World Bank Mission (WBM) visits and inspect recently of the on-going road concreting project a Farm to Market Road (FMR) in Cabinuangan (Poblacion) to Barangays Cogonon and Magangit route in New Bataan , Compostela Valley Province on June 10, 2019.(Photo by A. Dayao, ID Comval)

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